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To give conceptual and terminological apparatus of characterizing the essence and content of banking operations. Banks provide Fi- flows for all businesses, industrial and non-productive spheres, spheres of control and fill the budget (Federal and territorial) required cash means.Through banks is also bilateral motion of the money borrowed (credit). Settlement and cash services. Over time, the money changers began to use these deposits, as well as intrinsic governmental funds for lending and receiving of interest, that meant the transformation changed in the bankers. Collection of cash, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services to natural and legal- individuals.

The Bank estimates the amount received by the borrower profits from the point of view- ment opportunities the payment of Bank interest in the implementation normal financial activity; • "purpose" of use of credit resources; • the amount of the loan. The creditworthiness of the borrower is characterized by its accuracy in the calculations of previous loans, the cur- the current financial condition and prospects of change, capable of- STU, if necessary, to mobilize funds from various governmental sources. The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. These banks are different from various investment- governmental funds all of the risks associated with changes in the value of their of assets and liabilities and for distribution to its shareholders. The functions of the Central Bank for many decades fairly constant.

This: • issuing Bank, which is fixed for monopoly money issue; • the Bank of government: budget execution and control of the state governmental debt; • the Bank of banks: clearing centre, the lender of last resort; • conductor of monetary and foreign exchange policy; • the Supervisory authority for banks and financial markets. In this case the Central Bank usually does not play a decisive role, as it does not has appropriate means. Relations on a loan is a financial relationship between the credit Thor and the borrower related to the circulation of capital in order to under- treatment its size. Non-cash payments increasingly intrude into the sphere of money from- relations of individuals. Guarantee agreement applies when the borrower is a citizen. Call credit (Engl. For example, dividing the loan maturity is obviously fanciful. loan money on a call — loan of up to in demand- ment) is a short — term loan that is repaid on the first requirements the tion and, as a rule, is issued under the provision of securities and goods. Therefore remains a key function of the conductor a money but-the credit policy of the state, and a new understanding economic processes naturally leads to a focus on stabilization in an ever more closely linked to General economic politikoy. You will be able to: 1.